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Corporate Products and Services

Some of our products and services and their features are as follows:

Super-pro (Web & Window Version)
  • Courier Services management software
  • Automated air waybill, tariff and bar code generation
  • Runs on Visual Basic environment
  • User friendly and interactive environment
  • Runs on SQL server Dbase
  • Remote enquiry and data input operations enabled
Trans-Pro Application
  • Transport Management Software
  • Visual basic environment
  • Route management
  • Transport operations management
  • Accounts management
  • Store management
  • Workshop management
  • Human resource and Administration management
  • E-ticketing
  • SMS alert enabled
Job Fast Pro Application
  • Web based application
  • Job search software
  • Automated on-line, real-time job alerts
  • Convenient subscription and registration procedure

Citi Pro Business Application
  • A version of courier / mail express manager
  • SMS alert enabled
  • Mail tracking enabled
  • Remote database update and query via SMS
  • Active web portal services
Smartcom Application
  • SMS enabled application
  • Allows database query and upload from remote locations through SMS
  • Automated SMS alert application
  • Bulk SMS services
  • Number verification systems application
  • Internet data transfer
  • Automated web server upload
  • Automated web server download
  • Web server management
  • Remote date upload and download

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